Welcome to the website of Julia Sullivan, author of Let’s Get This Straight: Seven Staggeringly Simple Questions To Create Happiness In Relationships

Get Things Straight In Your Relationship: Use the differences to grow

Personal development trainer and coach Julia Sullivan is frequently approached by couples who have started relationship therapy in the past, but found that they progressed so slowly that they gave up. In this book she explains how she enables couples to make relationships blossom within weeks, and teaches you how to do it yourself.

  • Clear the fog of stories and emotions and start talking straight
  • Start listening to each other rather than to your own stories
  • Master your emotions and be proud of how you behave in the relationship
  • Move on from the past and design the future together
  • Connect with what really drives you both
  • Revive the partnership and intimacy
  • Learn to navigate stormy weather with dignity and self-respect